I was born and raised in West Texas by a family that was very loving and invested into my life. My summers were mostly spent playing sports, swimming in our backyard, and helping my dad with farming duties.

Growing up I was a bit socially awkward, struggled with friendships, and even contemplated suicide for the basic reason that I didn’t believe I had any friends who loved me. But, at the age of twelve I was invited to attend a pre-teen church camp where I gave my life to Christ for the basic reason that I needed a best friend who would “never leave [me], nor forsake [me]” (Hebrews 13:5). I realized that Jesus was that person and the rest is history.

Since that time, I’ve experienced the roller coaster of spiritual growth, having seasons of both great maturity and not-so-great maturity. But, God has been faithful and has put some incredible people in my life to help me see Him and His calling on my life more clearly. Some of those people have been friends, others have been pastors, and on many occasions it has been my beautiful wife and two year old son.

When I was 21 I almost became an atheist because of intellectual doubts I had about Christianity. But God had other plans and through a friend made sure I read a book on the truthfulness of Christianity. The book changed my life and gave me a love for apologetics ministry, which I still enjoy and pursue to this day.

At present, I am an Adults Minister at Stonegate Fellowship. I love to teach, train, and share life with God’s people. I also love to build friendships with skeptics, some of whom have become very dear to me. I believe that all the answers our culture (and every culture) has been asking find their answers in Christ who is the only one who can truly satisfy the human soul.

I hope that my life will be spent helping others come to know Jesus and grow in personal relationship with Him. To that end, I’ve build this web page to provide my thoughts on various issues related to Christian living, values, and the contemporary questions of our day.

Please feel free to reach out, provide feedback, and maybe even ask me to coffee—I’ve always found the best conversations seem to take place when coffee is involved.



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